Friday, June 19, 2015


I AM NOT PERFECT; What I'm going to post here are ideals that I don't always live up to. But, they are ideals --- and I do try:

I DON'T HATE MEMBERS OF ANY RACIAL GROUP. But I do dislike any social or economic system which gives people asymmetrical privilege for no reason other than that they are members of a particular ethnic group.

I DON'T HATE COPS. But I dislike any system of brutality which systematically harrasses members of any group with impunity. Of course, there is usually definitely another side to these situations and stories --- and that other side should also be heard!

I DON'T HATE SOLDIERS. There is no way that I can adequately express my appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices shown by the women and men of our armed forces to protect and serve even the weakest and most vulnerable of those among us, and I will defend to the death those who display such courage and valor. But I find it curious indeed that the men and women of the armed forces of the United States are probably the most vocal and active of people (except, maybe for "armchair patriots") in denouncing and opposing Americans who make use of the very ideals (freedom, liberty, etc.) that those fighters claim to revere.

I DON'T HATE RICH PEOPLE. I was once rich myself; I was very rich, so I absolutely don't begrudge anyone his or her wealth. I have long felt that it is good to have money; that it's good to have lots of money; because the more money one has, the more one can share with others. But I have a visceral opposition toward any system which creates a tiny, controlling minority at the expense of the vast majority of people. I realize that many of my more libertarian Friends and the "haves" disagree with me, but I very strongly believe that those who have the most (as I once did) have the greater or greatest obligation to share with those who have the least. I don't give two drops of warm spit in a rusty bucket who disagrees with me on that; I will definitely NOT change that particular opinion!

And, despite any rough language I may use in disagreeing with or even denouncing the views of people with whom I disagree, I do not hate those people or their ideas. To be honest with you, there's only one person that I have known in my 73 years of life that I can honestly and candidly admit to having hated ---and, trust me, it is absolutely no one that any one of you has ever heard of or know, so don't even try to guess who it is (actually, was). But you know what? As a Christian, I am called upon to love (not necessarily to like) everyone --- or, so I will believe till the day I die. If that is true, this residual hatred I still feel for someone who probably long ago forgot that I even existed is wrong, it's's got to go. But it hasn't gone yet.

Oh, my Lord...I am such a defective person. I have so many shortcomings and character defects to work on. How in the world can I possibly have time or energy to criticize your shortcomings and character defects?

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