Monday, July 20, 2015


I am going to say this ONE MORE TIME:
I am NOT an admirer or supporter of Donald Trump. I would get blocked, then kicked off Facebook if I posted candidly how I feel about him and most of his ideas. Let's just say that I think his stupid-ass hairstyle is one of his BETTER characteristics, and leave it at that. does that silly, trite, simplistic old saying go? "Even a broke clock is right twice a day," or something like that. And that's TRUE. Yes, while I may disagree profoundly with what The Donald (I prefer to call him "The Idiot") has said on some things, that doesn't mean that I don't agree with other things he's said or done. Hell, if I think hard and long enough, I'll probably come up with things that Sarah Palin and I agree on! Not really LIKELY, but it's certainly POSSIBLE.
I really find it more than disturbing that so many of my fellow liberals read into, generalize about, and condemn things that other people HAVEN'T said or done. I said "so many of my fellow liberals" deliberately. Unfortunately, the kind of politically correct generalization that I'm condemning is absolutely epidemic among self-described liberals...and that's really disturbing to me. True, many so-called "conservatives" and "libertarians" do the same thing; frankly, though, that doesn't surprise me.

But, way too many of my fellow liberals insist that unless you agree 100% with the pronouncements of someone who claims to be liberal, and disagree 100% with pontifications of conservatives and libertarians, you're not really, truly liberal yourself. Besides that, you're ugly, you're senile, your feet stink, and you don't love Jesus.

I can't BELIEVE how many of my fellow liberals have jumped on me for saying that I agree with something --- ONE thing! --- that I believe The Idiot said, just because what I say he actually said doesn't jibe with what certain loud-mouthed people SAY he said. One of my Facebook friends did, though, point out something that I hadn't thought about, something that just may be true: I've insisted that I saw and heard what Trump actually said about illegal immigrants --- and that it differs from the heavily-edited, out-of-context statements that so many liberal sources have offered. Well, what my FB Friend pointed out was, maybe it was what I saw  and read that was heavily edited and taken out of the context of what he actually said --- and she, my FB Friend, really could be right. Maybe he did say the vile things about Mexicans and other immigrants that he's being accused of saying. Maybe, but I don't think so.

So, let me stick here with what I am saying, not what I believe he said: I strongly support controlled, legal immigration, but I am not a fan of "open borders." And yes, there are murderers and rapists and other violent criminals among many of the people who cross into our country illegally. And yes, some of those "murderers and rapists and other violent criminals" are Mexicans.

What I very emphatically did not say --- or even imply --- in the preceding paragraph was that all or even most immigrants are illegal Mexican immigrants, and that most or all are murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals. If you think for one second that that's what I said, please re-read what I actually said. If you re-read it, and still believe that's what I said or implied, then just stop reading this right now, because you're too damned dense to understand what I'm actually saying --- in very clear English.

I don't deny that there's some racism involved in some of the views and statements of some folks; I don't deny that at all. But that isn't the case with everybody. I mean, way too many folks denounce all people of Hispanic heritage as "illegal Mexicans" (they're too damned stupid to realize that not all Hispanics are Mexicans, or don't care, and that most immigrants of whatever background are here legally). And I'll bet there wasn't a single peep out of those people when the Irish and French Canadian illegal immigrants flooded this country and snatched the desirable, high-paying jobs that Americans had traditionally held; of course, those Irish and French Canadian illegal immigrants were white --- so they were okay, right? Wrong. Just as wrong.

But here, I have to say something else: Why do we feel that throwing around completely made-up, incorrect statistics mean that we're right? I have one friend, a Mexican American, who quotes figures from someplace he doesn't remember, that "prove" that most illegal immigrants to this country are from India, followed by a huge number from Asia, with Hispanics falling into a very distant third place --- and those of Mexican descent being only a tiny fraction of those. That's idiotic nonsense, and totally, completely unnecessary.

And we won't even get into the fact that not one prominent American political leader --- including the President whom I support and for whom I voted twice --- has stood up to or disputed Mexican political leaders who've had the gall to come here to denounce laws proposed in one or two of our 50 states, when none of those laws differ fundamentally from harshly-enforced national laws in Mexico.


I know that some "conservatives" and "libertarians" simply will NOT agree with or support any idea mouthed by a "liberal." That's asinine. But, how is it any less so for a liberal to refuse to agree with anything a conservative or libertarian says or does? They're the same in my book.

By the way: I disagree profoundly with what The Donald said about John McCain. So, what does that mean? Am I, a rather liberal Democrat, now a fervent supporter of the conservative Republican Senator McCain?

If your answer was're hopeless. Go back to your coloring books and crayons. 

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