Saturday, November 28, 2015


No one has more than 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, to get on with the business of living. Yet, some folks seem to squeeze much more into those hours than do the rest of us.

Oprah Winfrey...Bill Gates...Barack Obama...even Donald Trump...HOW DO THEY DO IT? How do they run businesses, write, travel, the same 168 hours a week that I have? I can't do it. I swear I can't. Maybe once, when I was much younger, I could do more than I can do now, but I don't think that I was ever able to do all the things that I see others doing. How do they do it?

Oh, well. The bottom line is: I can't. So something's gotta give.

There are many things I'd like to do in the time I have left, and I just can't do them all. So, again, something's gotta give.

The most expendable thing in my life right now is Facebook. I'm absolutely addicted to it, and I don't know where the nearest FBA (Facebook Anonymous) meeting is. So, I've got to cut down severely on the amount of time I spend (waste?) on Facebook; and that's exactly what I plan to do.

Let me tell you about three time-consuming literary projects that I'm planning, and I just don't have the time to pursue them and stay on Facebook as much as I've been doing:

First is my blog, DONZPOST. That's where you are right now. I don't plan to give this up; I plan to write and publish a new post here at least every other day, sometimes, more frequently. Yes, I know that well over a year ago (probably, to the chagrin of Episcopal clergypeople who read my tripe) I started what would be probably a four-or-five-part series on Why I Am Not A Trinitarian, and I've promised more than once to continue and complete it, and I haven't. I'll do that. And, of course, there'll be more posts on why I'll vote for Hillary Clinton even though my personal political philosophy is closer to the very different one of Bernie Sanders. As I write, I think it'll become ever more clear why I sometimes refer to myself as a "not always-liberal liberal." FAIR WARNING ahead of time: My posts will often fly in the face of political correctness, and of ethnic and political hyper-sensitivity; in other words, many of my positions and actions will make some of my fellow Democrats and blacks pretty uncomfortable. And I can tell you right now that anyone --- anyone --- who supports a theocrat like Ben Carson or Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee is going to be very uncomfortable with some of the things I have to say about those three guys.

Then, there are my two magna opera: The first is a rather different take on American history, which I'm calling at this point, A History of My America. Remember, I'm old, and much of what kids nowadays study in American History (well, those who study History at all anymore) has taken place within my lifetime. American History for me --- my American History --- began at 10:15PM on the night of Thursday, November 6, 1941; anything that happened before then was sort of a prologue, something I've heard or read about. But, during my history: There was developed a planned suburban community for and by blacks, in which I grew up; there were superb segregated public schools in which young blacks were expected to excel --- and did; there was a Baptist church in my hometown which turned down MLK, Jr., as pastor because he was too young and probably too radical; there was a woman who, in my opinion, was truly the "Mother of the civil rights movement"; there were sit-ins in my hometown which predated the famous one in Greensboro by two years; a POTUS was assassinated; a (half-) black person was elected POTUS; and on and on...

There are so many things that have happened in this country within my lifetime which have not been given nearly the attention that I think they should have been given. I'll try to address some of those things in my American history.

And then, there's the other magnum opus, which will be of interest to even fewer than will either my blog or my history book: An extended look at my personal religious philosophy. It certainly can't be categorized into any of the currently fashionable groupings; let's just say that it serves its purpose for me right now, and that I am always open to changing my opinion in certain areas.

That's all I'll say about my three literary works now. What I do know is that I can't work on those three things and stay on Facebook as much as I have in the past. So, I guess Facebook has gotta go. Sorry.

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