Sunday, March 9, 2014


Okay, I know that I still have posts to publish on Why I am Not a Trinitarian, and I'll do so --- but there's a crisis now that I think I need to deal with. I'll get back to the two or three posts on my non-Trinitarian views precently, but right now:
I gave notice of my intent to vacate my apartment by the end of May. It was a very scary step to take --- but a necessary one. Even though my rent is extremely reasonable by Los Angeles standards (a little under $800/month for an unfurnished studio apartment in an old building), it's much more than I can comfortably afford; it's over 2/3 of my total income. And here in L.A. the standard amount for getting into an apartment is at least 3 times the monthly rent amount (first month's rent + last month's rent + security deposit, which is usually at least the amount of a month's rent). Where in the world would I get $2400 - $3000 cash now? And, there's a miles-long waiting list for any kind of affordable housing around here. So, I've needed to get out of this apartment for a very long time, but was reluctant to take the step of leaving the home that I've enjoyed for almost 14 years. 

Well, my hand was forced: Due to a set of circumstances over which I had little control, not only was I not able to pay my rent (which is due on the 1st of every month) on the 3rd (when I receive my social security check and usually pay it), but not even on the 6th (when my bank told me I'd have funds available, and as I'd promised my landlords). In a panic, I asked on Facebook if someone could LOAN me money, which I'd repay with interest; I received no offers, so I felt I had no alternative but to give Notice --- which I did. My exact offer to the management company was this, which would work out well for all of us: I'll pay my March rent in three increments, in March, April, and May; in the meantime, I'll pay April and May's rent on the 3rd of each of those months. So, by the end of May, when I'll move out, I will have paid all that I owe my landlords. It's a step I should have taken long ago, and now that I've done it, I feel much better --- I know exactly how Atlas would feel if he could've laid the world down.

Frankly, it's unlikely that I can find an apartment that I can afford here in L.A., so I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to move back home to Oklahoma City, and I'm hell-bent on proving Thomas Wolfe wrong when he made his famous remark about going home again (he said that you CAN'T, but I'm going to!).

Anyway: If anybody can suggest where I might consider moving, I'm open. It does NOT have to be in the L.A. area (although I love the climate and cultural diversity here, and I'd LOVE to go back to Val Verde or Fillmore here in Southern California) or in OKC. I'll consider anything.

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